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Mahindra Alfa Load is mainly used for carrying light loads on city roads. It has diesel and CNG engine models both of which has a stellar mileage of 32 kmpl. The diesel variant offers a torque of 18 Nm and 7.4 BHP power, whereas the CNG version displays a torque of 21 Nm and a power of 8.4 BHP. It has a ground clearance height of 175 mm for comfortable maneuvering and sharp turns. Simplicity is key in the design of the Alfa Load in all three of its well-equipped variants. The cabin comes with comfortable seats and an ergonomic design. For convenience, it has a handle-bar steering, tiltable steering, and an instrument cluster. For safety, it provides hydraulic brakes and seatbelts all round. This is true for all three variants, namely Alfa Load, Alfa Load Plus, and Alfa Load CNG.

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